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I was asked by Essie Letterpress to contribute artwork for their bespoke Artist's Almanac 2016. The almanac showcases a wonderful selection of South African creatives of which I feel honoured to be apart of.

Photography by Essie Letterpress

I was commissioned by 10 and 5 to illustrate my favorite cocktail in Cape Town. See the full article here.

Client: Red Cross
Agency: Cummins&Partners
Agent: The Jacky Winter Group
Description: Artwork created for Red Cross's 18 Wonders of Plasma campaign and their plasma drive. My artwork is being turned into static decals that will be stuck on the chairs in the donation rooms where your feet rest.

I made the final letter Z for the fantastic Between 10 and 5 team and their #GraphicArtMonth's Alphabet Series.

I collaborated with Dutchie Surf Designs to create photographer and friend Willem-Dirk du Toit a super fun functional piece of art. All artwork was hand painted on the surfboard blank before glossing.
Photography by Willem-Dirk du Toit

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